Step 1 : Kindly visit click on Get a Login to generate a login Id and password (if you have the login use the same)

Step 2 : click on sign up/Login in on the top right.

Step 3 : Login to your account.

Step 4 : Click on shipping menu drop down will appear.

Step 5 : In the drop down click on E-Commerce.

Step 6 : In the E-commerce page search for integrated solution.

Step 7 : Under integrated Solutions click on Find out more.

Step 8 : It will take you to the FedEx web Service page.Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Go to FedEx web Services page

Step 9: Scroll down and search for Move to production and click on it.


Step 10 : Click on Get Production Key

Step 11 : Fill out the form step by step your FedEx Web service API keys will be generated.


1) Limit the number of characters in Address line to 30

2) Phone number should be added as +919999999999

Once the Keys are generated for web services, you will see the below confirmation image.