Please find below the possible errors you may encounter at the time of booking the orders or processing your orders.

1. While processing file not found (error is due to incorrect pin code or city name or state name)


eShipz: Kindly check the Pin code or state, city field, Fill the correct details 


2. Please provide all required fields for registration details (Tax Field have to be filled)

eShipz: While booking the international shipment Both sender and receiver Tax id has to filled in respective line items of the field. In case of Receiver, you add 0 as nine time.


3. Authentication Failed (Error Code 1000)

eShipz: The carrier API is down try after Sometime.

4. Kindly Re Verify Pin code Serviceability before booking (Should Enable EDL Services)

5. Some error occurred while creating the shipping label

eShipz: Check all the fields some data is missing Meaning Check all the fields in create shipment Page.

6. Don’t have enough credits or your subscription has been expired ( Recharge the Account)

eShipz: The Account is expired recharge the Account. Click on Dollar sign on eShipz Dashboard.

7. Root element is missing, Exception – 

eShipz - Please contact regarding this issue.

8. Wrong _ Input DTDC error

eShipz: The Sender address line details are wrong either Pin code or address line.

9. Service is not available : This Service is Not Available (Pin code Serviceability)

eShipz: The receiver Pin code is not serviceable by the Carrier Partner

10. User not authorized to register pickup for specified area customer code 

eShipz: The Sender Pickup location is not registered in the carrier Server.

11. Something went wrong while generating waybill number. (ecom Express)

eShipz: Some time the server are down, Try after 10 min the shipping labels will generate.

12. Way bill already generated for this credit reference No. Waybill no.   (Change customer reference number)

eShipz: You have already generated a waybill no with the same customer Ref No.So Change it.

13. While Processing file not found. Please contact administrator. The Piece Number Count and Line items Piece value should contain no pieces declared by user (Volumetric & line items mismatch)

eShipz: The invoice value and line-item value should match, Kindly check and correct the data.

14. Data shipment parcels 0 weight value must be greater than or equal to sum of data shipment. Parcels 0 items” weight value’ data shipment parcels 0 items quantity.’ (Volumetric & line items mismatch)

eShipz: The line item declared weight and package dimension weight declared are mismatching.

15. Unable to process. Error code 202 – Message validation failed. (Blue Dart error)

eShipz: Blue Dart Api is down try after sometime.

16. Object reference not set to an instance of an object

eShipz: The carrier Partner API is down try after sometime.