In this video guide check how to integrate your Shopify with eShipz. You can do analyzing, labeling, tracking, etc all at a convenience of a click. eShipz acts as an order management solution that helps you to organize your data and analyze it.


Step 1. Sign into your eShipz account

Step 2. On the dashboard and click on Integration

Step 3. Under Integration, click on Sales Channels

Step 4. From the channel settings, choose Shopify

Step 5. For the API key, visit your Shopify account.

Step 6. On the left-hand side, click 'Apps'

Step 7. On the Apps page at the bottom click on the 'Manage private apps' link

Step 8. On the Private apps, page click on the 'Create a new private app' button

Step 9. Enter 'Private app name' and enter Emergency developer email.

Step 10. Admin API permissions for assigned fulfillment orders, fulfillment services, merchant-managed fulfillment orders, orders, transactions, and fulfillments, third-party fulfillment orders can be set either to read or to write.

Step 11. For customer details and customer groups, products, variants, and collections select read access from the dropdown

Step 12. For the permissions other than mentioned above select 'No access'

Step 13. Then click on the save button, Private app will get created.

Step 14. Copy the API key, password and paste it into your eShipz portal.

Step 15. Click on the save button and start fetching orders from your Shopify portal.