Login to the Shopify admin panel [ URL: {Shop Name} and login]
On the Home page, at the left hand side, click on the ‘Apps’ tab, you will be redirected to the Apps page.

On the Apps page scroll down to bottom of the page, click on the ‘Manage private apps’ link, you will now be redirected to the Private apps page.

STEP 3: 
On the Private apps page click on the ‘Create new private app’ button, you will be redirected to the Create private app page.

STEP 4: 
On the Create private app page, Under App details enter the details for ‘Private app name’ and ‘Emergency developer email’ and click on ‘Show inactive Admin API permissions’ dropdown.

Under the ‘Admin API’ block, for ‘Assigned fulfillment orders’‘Fulfillment services’Merchant-managed fulfillment orders’, ‘Orders’, ‘Third-party fulfillment orders’ choose ‘Read and Write’ from the dropdown and for Store content ‘, ‘Customers’, ‘Products’ choose ‘Read access’ from the dropdown.

STEP 5: 
Click on the ‘Save’ button, a Create private app popup will now be displayed.

On the ‘Create private app’ popup click on ‘Create app’ button

If anything is missing, you will be notified by a validation message.  Go over and re-check the steps. If all the steps are followed, a private app will be created and a ‘Private app created successfully’ message will be displayed.

STEP 6: 
Under the ‘Admin API’ block, copy credentials of the ‘API key’, ‘Password’.

STEP 7: 
Login to your eShipz platform, go to the “Integrations” dropdown and click on the ‘Sales channel’ option.

In the Channel settings page, click on Shopify channel.
a) Enter the Shop Name from the URL in STEP 1 under field ‘Store Name’.
b) Paste the credentials from STEP 6 in the ‘API Key’ and ‘Password’ fields respectively. 
c) Select the required option from ‘Fulfillment Status’ and ‘Filter By Order Status’ drop-down
d) Check[enable] ’Active Channel’ checkbox and click on ‘SAVE’ button

If the credentials inputted are wrong then an “Error! The Sales Channel Details Are Not Valid!” message will be displayed. In that case, recheck the credentials and try again.  If credentials entered are valid, a success message will be displayed in the eShipz platform stating “Success! The Sales Channel has been saved successfully !”

Now we will be able to sync the Shopify Orders into the eShipz platform.

STEP 8: 
Go to the ‘Orders’ dropdown and click on the ‘Un-shipped’ tab

The ‘My Orders’ page will now be displayed and click on ‘Sync’ button [1] and then click on ‘Refresh’ button[2]

The orders from the Shopify sales channel will now be synced to the eShipz platform.

This is how you can sync the Sales channel orders into the eShipz platform and you are good to create shipments on the eShipz platform.