On your eShipz Dashboard panel, click on ‘
Integrations’ and from the drop-down select ‘Carriers’.

The ‘
Shipper Accounts’ page will now be displayed. Click the  ‘+’ icon visible at the top right corner.

‘Select Carrier’ page will now be displayed, select ‘BLUE DART’ as your preferred carrier partner from the list.

STEP 4: 

The ‘Add Shipper Account for Carrier: BLUE DART’ page will now be displayed, fill in the valid details: ‘Account Type’‘Description’‘License Key’,  ‘Area Code’,  ‘Customer code’‘Login id’ , ‘Service type’.
For remote area delivery, check
 ‘Allow as shipments’ checkbox for remote area destination pincodes, enabling this might cost an extra charge on shipping charge for remote area delivery.
In order to know the Remote Area Pincodes click on the 
‘link’ which is just below the ‘Allow as shipments’ check box.


  1. Enabling ‘Enable vendor code’ checkbox will be helpful to those customers who have multiple location pickup, if the checkbox is enabled a unique id gets passed on to Bluedart/Carrier systems which helps with identification during Billing

  2. Selecting the ‘Enable force pickup token’ checkbox, will schedule the pickup automatically for the shipments created.

  3. For ToPay shipments, pickup will be scheduled automatically, if you do not  want to schedule auto pickup for ToPay shipments then select the ‘Disable topay auto pickup’ checkbox.

  4. For reverse shipments pickup will be scheduled automatically for all reverse shipments, if one don’t want to schedule auto pickup for reverse shipments then enable ‘Disable reverse auto pickup’ checkbox

  5. If the ‘Enable delivery otp’ checkbox is enabled, an OTP will be sent to the recipient by the courier company at the time of delivery which will be used for delivery confirmation.

  6. For Blue Dart, users can ship only from the registered pickup warehouse location, if they want to ship from the location other than the registered location then they have select ‘ToPay shipments’, however for some customers they have provide all India pickup support as forward shipments, such customers need to enable the ‘Is central account’ checkbox, which symbolizes that the user can ship from any place to another within India as a forward shipment.



Label Settings: Under this tab there are several label formats mentioned, sample templates for the same can be viewed by clicking on ‘How Does it look?’, which is present just beside the format’s name, based on the format of the label required choose the options under ‘Label Settings’, if none of the options are selected then a default label will be generated in BLUE DART Custom-Default Label(A5/A4) format after shipment creation.


Uploading Logo’: Any user can upload the image here that they want to showcase in the labels, valid file formats for uploading the logo are PNG, GIF, JPEG. Logo uploading is applicable for only BLUE DART Custom- Label+ Invoice Portrait A5/A4) ,BLUE DART Custom- Label+ Invoice Landscape(A5/A4) and BLUE DART Custom-4”*6* Thermal Printer Compatible Label (Beta) label formats, if the format is not uploaded then normal labels will be generated without the logo.



'Product Mask', generally Items name will be displayed on label if user want to mask the items on label with some specific name it can be done by entering the value of Product Mask in shipper account page, on label data entered on Product Mask field will be displayed instead on item being shipped.


Message’, Data entered in this field will be displayed at the bottom of the label

STEP 10:
'Shipper Setting'

  1. Enabling the ‘Hide Shipper Address On Label’ checkbox, hides the shipper address on the label i.e., shipper address will not be displayed on label.

  2. Enabling ‘Hide Shipper Name On Label’ checkbox, hides shipper name on the label.

  3. Enabling ‘Hide Shipper Company On Label’ checkbox, hides shipper company name on the label.

  4. Enabling ‘Hide Entire Shipper Details On Label’ checkbox, hides entire shipper details on the label.

  5. Enabling ‘Hide Entire Return Address On Label’ checkbox, hides the return address on the label.

  6. Enabling ‘Hide Invoice Value On Label’ checkbox, hides the invoice on the label.


STEP 11:
Check the 'I Agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Carrier' Checkbox and

Click on 'Validate & Save' button

Updated credentials Successfully!’ message will be displayed on the ‘Shipper Accounts’ page.

Now, you can go ahead and create shipments for the configured Bluedart carrier.